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31 OTTOBRE, 22:00

Usciamo dalla lezione d’italiano dopo essere stati cacciati via da Ainhoa come al solito, ma questa volta indossava un vestito lungo e nero: «Ho detto ‘Ciao a tutti’, ¡coño, que quiero irme pa’ casa!», ripeteva con insistenza.


Giù in strada, Emma si accorge di aver dimenticato le birre in aula e, senza esitare nemmeno un secondo, decide di salire a cercarle.


Sentiamo un grido di terrore e correndo andiamo a cercarla. Arrivati alla reception, troviamo Emma pallida ed Ainhoa accanto a lei con un coltello che le trapassava la testa. Nel corridoio, si vedeva da lontano un’ombra sottile che assomigliava a Valeria, anche lei insanguinata. Era forse lei l’assassina d’Ainhoa?


Presi dal panico, andiamo nella prima aula che troviamo aperta e sul tavolo vediamo il coltello rubato dal Ristorante “Il Pomodoro” (usato tante volte nelle nostre lezioni per le nostre merende) e delle macchie di uno strano liquido rosso.


La porta si apre cigolando ed appare «Il Lord» travestito da Conte Dracula che dice: «Siete nel posto sbagliato, all’ora sbagliata. Sirs, this is not your party». E sorride diabolicamente mostrando i suoi lunghi e affilati canini.

Dallo spavento, cadiamo a terra e in quel preciso momento sentiamo Piero che entra portando una ciotola di sangria e domanda: «O Dio, siete già ubriachi? Se ancora non avevamo cominciato la festa di Halloween!»

Carmen, Emme, Jordi, Irene, Anna (Italiano Superior)



Questo mi è già succeso… ma, perchè un’altra volta? Perchè a me? E perchè questo?
Non capisco niente. Non so che cosa fare. Ok, prima mi devo calmare. Respiro profondo. Una volta. E un’altra volta ancora.
Meglio, mi sento meglio.  Devo scoprire un modo per uscire. Ma, come l’ho fatto prima? Pensa Mario pensa! Mmm… prima ho girato a sinistra, poi sempre dritto, e dopo… un rumore, forse viene qualcuno! Mi devo nascondere! Là sembra un buon posto.
Chi sono queste persone? Magari mi possono aiutare. No,no,no. Se sono potuto uscire da solo prima, allora anche adesso posso farlo.
Però, perchè sono qui? Questo labirinto… deve avere un senso… forse devo scoprire il senso… sembra un gioco. Va bene, cominciamo a giocare. Là c’è qualcosa. Formaggio? È un pezzo di formaggio enorme! Ho molta voglia di mangiarlo. Che strano, non mi è mai piaciuto, ma ora… ora non posso resistere! Aspetta un secondo… non devo essere impulsivo.
Mamma mia, ora so dove sono: questo è il labirinto che uso per il mio esperimento! No! Sicuro che è un incubo! Oddio, voglio svegliarmi!
Oh, cara Sarah, tu carissima topolina e io abbiamo lavorato insieme per molto tempo. Ma che cosa fai? Fermati! Smettila, che mi fai male!
Sarah noooooo!!

Laia Tremosa



Ich wache bei 6 Uhr täglich auch, und ich bin müde. Ich arbeite den
ganzen Tag, in einem Büro und dann zu Hause. Ich bin müde und es tut
mir leid, weil ich noch jung bin und ich mich müde fühle. Ich möchte
keine Sorgen haben und reich sein.
Ich gehe zu Arbeit durch U-bahn, und alle Leute sehen auch müde aus.
Ich möchte mehr Geld haben, und ich möchte glückliche Gesichter im
U-bahn sehen. Im Büro haben die Leute immer Hetze, trinken wir viele
Kaffee und sind ständig nervös. Wir haben keine Zeit zu sprechen und
zu hören.
Manchmal möchte ich stoppen und ruhig sein, aber ich habe einen
dringenden Termin und muss schnell gehen. Das Meeting dauert für eine
lange Zeit, jedes Mal sprechen wir über die gleichen Themen, und ich
werde langweilig. Und müde. Am Mittagessen habe ich nich Hunger, weil
ich zu schlafen es vorziehe. Aber ich kann nicht, weil ich einen
anderen Termin habe.
Im U-bahn höre ich Musik, um meine Probleme zu vergessen. Ich bin müde
und fühle schlecht. Manchmal lese ich die Zeitung und sehe reiche
Frauen, die gut und glücklich schauen. Ich beneide sie, weil sie keine
Sorgen haben.
Aber heute gibt es ein Kind, das vor mir sitzt. Es ist komisch, es ist
früh. Er lächelt. Er liest ein Büch und lächelt. Er sieht nicht müde
aus. Ich lächele auch. Ich fühle mich besser. Ich glaube, ich habe
kein Pech, ich habe ein Haus, ich verdiene genüg Geld, ich habe einen
Job, einen guten Ehemann und gesunde Kinder. Jetzt fühle mich ich
besser. Ich bin auch gesund und ich lebe in der schönsten Stadt in der
Welt. Möglicherweise heute habe ich Zeit, mit meinen Kollegen zu
sprechen und weniger müde zu sein.
Es ist sonderbar, dass Kinder uns Hoffnung machen und uns besser
fühlen. Die Energie eines Lächelns ist stark, und ich versuche, eine
glücklichere Person zu sein. Und ich hoffe nich mehr müde sein.

Helena Martin



The spring’s light comes to Cornualles. The birds play under the sky. The little Lily looks at the birds and laughs. Patrick, her father, beholds her and thinks: my Elisabeth is growing up! Yesterday she was in my arms and now… Oh my god! She is like her mother. This smile… Hope so her mother back to be healty!
Susan was really sick. ” Come soon teacher, we love you”. The children voices were in her head. The Cancer was here,  kills her step by step. She thought about Lily: ” my little princess, only seven years old. She really loves Lily, and after Lily, she loves her husband. He got permission from the government to return of Irak and to be with Susan. She studied English and back to her town at the weekend. He heard about the beautiful girls of Cornualles . He talked to her about his profession. He was a soldier to help and tried to win. In the bar he asked her to dancepeople. He enjoyed  pop music, she only listened to the fire of his eyes and in a few months they were one. Lily was pure love.  He went to the war and the medics told her: ” the Cancer is lethal” . Skin Cancer, incredible, at first it seemed only a little blotch. At the end she was always in bed.

– How is Mum?
-I don’t want to hurt yourself but…she is really sick, be strong my angel!
Lily follows with her gaze the birds: she imaginated a free world in the sky.
Was a morning: The field smelt of death. Susan doesn’t breath.

When Lily saw her mother… only fell a tear. The tear was the key of her heart where she kept: the sparrow, the goldfinch, the blue sky and her mum.

Daniel Calderón Linares



She heard footsteps. They made a rhythmic cadence, a bittersweet music was played by his shoes in the watery floor. It would have been perfectly normal if it hadn’t been the sound of death.
Hazel was a normal woman, or at least that was what she thought about herself. Nothing had ever set her apart from the rest, she had been brought up as any other child. She went to high school, then to university. Her life had been absolutely normal until she met him.
Cole was the new Maths’ teacher at the high school she worked in. Mysterious and fascinating, he was the perfect mixture of tenderness, beauty and intelligence. He clearly showed he was interested on her from the first day they talked, so she felt in heaven when he asked her out.
That was the worst mistake Hazel made in her short life.
She drank his words as they flowed from his mouth with his deep, husky voice. Cole was an undoubtedly interesting man, like he had lived a thousand lives. Hazel felt bewitched, his words came into her mind as a velvety spell, charming her, mesmerizing her senses. Hazel had fallen as a butterfly in a spider’s web, letting him seep the sweet poison of his voice into the deepest corners of her soul.
And then, the end of the night. Cole had taken her to a hidden alley, kissing her mouth and her neck. Hazel felt the heat of his lips and relaxed, not realising about the knife he was carrying in his coat. The moment she saw the deathly sparkle of the blade, it was already too late.
Hazel tried to run into the watery, filthy alley, to find out it was a dead end street. Behind her, his footsteps, the sound of death.

Irene Acedo Jiménez



When I was thinking for a good subject to write about, I considered many possibilities. Above all, the things I know, like work, children, marriage, family and friends. Also I could come up with a tale, but this is too difficult for a science girl like me. In fact, I realized that I would write something funny which excludes, of course, all about my bleeding job (I’m a nurse), the supermummy stuff, a normal husband and family.
This doesn’t work to make some laughs. And then it came to my mind. You’ll see, I’m sure most of you have a friend who has a brother-in-law who knows somebody who had  an adult toy party. So do I. And if this had happened to me….. if that was me I couldn’t really tell you too much about that meeting because I would have a deal with my girlfriends, something like this: “nothing of this can be revealed to the outside, like this night had never happened”. And I’m sure most of my friends would like to remain anonymous, even me. So I can’t give you any   details about my friends, most nurses, most in their thirties, one divorced……
What?!?You know them?!?
Then you have to know that our behavior was highly polite, at least at the beginning, while we were listening to the explanations about this and the other thing. Anyway you can imagine how we finished, touching all those gadgets, laughing till we cried and buying, too. We had a great time, and we know each other better than before that night: We became even closer.
I appreciate having fun, it’s healthy, don’t you think? Well, the things would only go like this if that was me, of course.

Carolina Aliacar

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